The history of Roggia dei Cedri

The project

The architect's drafts

The ideas of the project

The project was developed based on the demand for diversification and innovation of the tourist offering.
The project involves the construction of five units to host tourists and, in the future, of a building that will complete our proposal.

Our inspiration

The “Roggia”- canal

The Cordana canal and the surrounding area have been valued with the reconstruction of the embankments and the riverbed.

The stone used is the “Biancone di Asiago”, also used to contain the soil around the structures.


The realization

The buildings’ shape is “elliptical-conical” and rooms are characterized by an external cladding in natural chestnut wood, with a small porch that protects the entrance and allows guests to enjoy the patio. The structures are prefabricated and assembled by blocks on site.

The garden area is enhanced by maintaining the most important trees and enriched with a wide variety of evergreen plants.

The parking area and interior road are made of draining material.